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( Mar. 26th, 2009 11:49 am)
Things continue apace for the new boat.

The survey has been completed, and we have accepted it. The only surprise is a recommendation to replace the forstay as it is beginning to deteriorate at the top of the mast, where it is swaged. Not the simplest stay to change out, seeing there is roller furling in there, but not so bad.

I have liquidated the assets and am preparing to shift funds to make this purchase a reality. Hopefully by May sometime we can have it registered, and pop down for an inaugural visit before getting back to the grindstone and enjoying a summer in Ottawa.

The biggest stress is selling the Impertinent at this point. I have one interested party who keeps asking for more and more pictures. I guess this weekend I am doing boat work - and taking pictures.

If I can have that boat sold by start of season this year, I think I might just make it through the summer without too much stress!


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