Sometimes I get the best insight from my geologist wife.

I have been remote fighting fires at a customer site today. 

I meandered into the bedroom where mon_chou was working and watching TV.

Troll: This software is horrible, I feel guilty for having anything to do with it! It is bad software but I didnt write it!
Troll: It is like polishing a turd!  You just cant polish a turd!

[ profile] mon_chou : Yes, you can! You can if its a coprolite!

From: [identity profile]

Actually, the second latest Mythbusters showed how you can polish a turd...and get pretty decent luster out of it! I don't know what it's albedo was...but it was pretty shiny!


From: [identity profile]

There you go then. If the turd is old enough and has been sitting around sufficiently long, you can in fact polish it.

How long have they had this software? lol


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