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([personal profile] luckytroll Dec. 8th, 2008 10:11 am)
I am happy to be back in Ottawa, hopefully for the rest of the year.
I have a couple of days of work for a government department instaling a reporting tool, and then likely will be left to my own devces until my vacations kick in on the 15th.

The weekend was deliciously slack. I played Civilization III, cooked a little of this and that, and generally did very little of account. It was wonderful. I am considerably less stressed now. Things may be going sour again in Toronto, but I think it is unlikely that I will be pulled into the fray again on account of bugs. Likely that will settle out with the support end of things. I hope anyhow.

I got the propeller shaft dropped off at the machinist. Hopefully I will have a new one done by sometime January (Thaw?) time and be able to finish repacking the stuffing gland (sounds dirty, dosent it?) and get the engine back into its lair before spring starts to sprung. I have had a couple idle nibbles on the boat sale front. But am not really holding out any hope on an offer until I repaint the cabin top and do some other prettying up of the beast - engine placement among them.

We managed to get a hold of one of the builders of the bigger boat I have been interested in trading up to. Up until now I had been doubtful of its seaworthiness because I was starting to wonder if it had any ballast in it besides the 1000Gal of fuel and 250Gal of water it kept in integral tanks below. The guy we talked to who built the hull didnt install the ballast, but he figured on it having 14K of lead installed by the owner they sold it to, by virtue of design. This encourages me a bit. Aside from a definitely deep displacement V hull which is little resembling the wineglass beauty of Impertinent - she is a boat that seems to have been made for long distance cruising.  My only issues now are really cabin layout - too much space allocated to open areas - not enough to cabin space for rugrats. But that is the sort of thing that can be amended as time goes on.

I still wouldnt mind a decent Roberts 43 popping onto the market for me - but seeing as the nice ones are all asking over 125K - this seems unlikely.  

At least under the present situation, If I keep Impertinent - we can leave this summer. I might need to install a couple more bolt on toys. But one way or another - we have the means. Now we just have to decide if the mode is sufficient for our plans.
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