So Chou and I have put in an offer on another boat. This one is in St. Martin. I think the odds on the offer being accepted are about 50/50 at this point. I think my feelings about the offer being accepted are about 50/50 as well. I am sure if it is rejected I will feel both dissapointment and a lot of relief. Having a boat in the Caribbean is a logistical and financial burden, for which I am not really ready.

On the plus side, the hull of this beastie looks sound, and the rigging looks like it can go at least around the islands without too much fuss. The general condition of the gear is modest to poor. The engine is an ancient and once-overhauled ford tractor engine from England, with saltwater cooling. It might be OK for a serious sailor, but I need to earmark 15K for a replacement at some point. Much of the rest of the electronics and such are also aged. Everything. But its all functional - and theres enough space to make a nice home for a couple of anarchist wannabe sea gypsies.

Sadly, my offer was lacking a little oomph seeing as our Canuckistan Dollarette is at such a poor state. The boat is listed twice with two brokers - one english for 65KUSD and a french one for about 10K more. I offered them the lower price, but in converted canadian dollars. Perhaps it might fly, or perhaps it wont. I think I am most afraid that the 50K USD offer will become worse in CAD if our dollar gets more eaten away.

On the plus side, we may still be able to get our asses out of Canada by sometime in the next 24 months, if we can sell the impertinent for a reasonable amount. It really depends on how many sneaky must-fixes the new boat pulls.

Stay tuned. The offer will expire in 10 business days. If I dont have a firm yes by then, then I am back to the status Quo with the impertinent.


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