I wonder where the fault line exists between the real economy, and the junk economy lies?

The real economy includes food that nourishes, tools that make food for people, stuff that keeps people from freezing to death, and things that keep you from dying horribly from zombie attack.

The superfluous economy is all the rest of the crap that advertising and whimsy makes us think we need, but dont really need. The stuff that for the most part we eschew when we feel like we are about to be out of money. The sickly sweet icing on that we coat the flat top of Maslows pyramid of need. The stuff they sell us because they can convince us we need it. And because they can make it cheaply enough to profit.

Where is the line drawn? How many of us are actually living our lives contributing to the junk-food style economy rather than the real one?

Entire nations of people working as near slaves in a dystopian vision of Santas workshop. Feeding the emptiness like a banquet of cotton candy.

The world of the consumer is becoming as loud in its screaming messages to consume and as soon as "consumer confidence" reignites, the advertising will leap to levels that will compare fairly with the din of a Casino. Perhaps we are already there. Perhaps my intolerance for commercials has blinded me to that fact already.
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