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([personal profile] luckytroll Mar. 5th, 2009 08:30 am)
Getting back into the swing of things, albeit paying for it in soreness and being constantly a little hungry and cranky.

Mon - HASH run 6Kms of freezing air and slippery pavement. But a good run.
Tue - Upper body weights and general cario of about 550cal.
Wed - swimming at plant pool, laps.

Weight loss goals for March - lose 4-8 lbs

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upper weights and cardio TOGETHER of 550 cal? or is that just the cardio portion?

I love reading fitness posts....

From: [identity profile]

Typically I warm up with about 150-200 cals of exercise bike. Then I do a set of weights, which is uaually about 3-5 exercises for 3 sets. I usually credit myself about 50 cals for this, although in practical terms it is more.

Then I get my reward, which is about 400 calories of elliptical, rowing machine, tradmill, or some combination - plus cooldown. It usually comes out by this calculus to about 600 calories, which is what I credit against my diet for the day.



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