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The week for fitness started off stiffly. Mondays HASH run I was stiff for the first many Kms, and only finally lossened up for the last part. By then my bladder was feeling less athletic than I was. The beer check a Kilometer from the end didnt help. Overall a very pretty r*n though, sometimes Orleans can be alright. 

Yesterday was a chilly start on the bike commute. I made a customary stop at a diner on Carling at about Kilometer 19 of my work run, and food was good. Then across the military base where the sound of automatic small arms fire rattled in the not so distant distance. The run home was  warmer, and included a stop at the boat for some sanding.

There is a sweet spot in the drying life of epoxy paint, where it is best to sand. Wait too long, and the paint becomes so hard it takes forever and serious grit to sand down. Wait too short a time, and it gums up the sandpaper. I think I waited too long. Nevertheless, painting surface prep, which is the ugly side of painting, continues.

The rest of the run home was fast. I stopped only to assist a cyclist who had lost the crank to their bike. I loaned him my multi-tool to put it back on. It turns out he was the tech from a local bike shop. I found it rather ironic that the one person out on the road with all the fancy gear, but no tools would be the bike shop tech himself. Perhaps its Charlie Brown syndrome.

This mornings cycle was cool and reasonably quick.

Wildlife spotted, and other notables.
Baby goslings, one batch.
Adolescent Gophers, one pair.
Poorly painted Markiti (marketing pretending to be grafiti) 4.
Soldiers marching - One platoon.
Canada Geese - About 1/5 of a food bank full.
Mallards - enough to feed 3 families.
Red winged blackbirds - 9
Robins - many.

KMS Biked this week so far (about 90)
KMS Run This week so far 6-7

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If I get laid off, my backup plan is to come up with a small-game hunting system that can attach to a bike - something like a tank, but on two wheels. If I'm successful, no foodbank will ever be empty again, and biking will suddenly appeal to a whole new audience.