I got a bit of the winter blues, and so went to the grocery store for a cure.

Habanero corn chips. and Salsa. Loblaws in Vanier dosent carry the old favorite - chunky volcano hot salsa anymore. Pity.

So I go home and try the chips. Habanero my ass. Even mon_chou can eat them without ill effects. Time for some experimentation.

I take the medium salsa, and add a capfull of weapons-grade Mikes insanity sauce. Mix well. And voila. 

This salsa is HOT. It compares favorably with a beef rendang that kept me coming back (in vain) to a local malaysian restaraunt.
It compares well to a vindaloo that even the people at the Indian restaraunt admitted was too hot for them to eat.

It is so hot, I have flashbacks to getting gassed. Except thankfully this episode is limited to my mouth and nose.

It reminds me of the character Brand Hauser from the movie "War Inc." It is a great film. Watch it.

Endorphins good.
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