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( May. 4th, 2009 11:29 am)
In the news.
Black panther kitty in recovery after harrowing surgery.
Still not smoking and hanging out at bingo halls. )

Boat still for sale. Paint takes time to cure. Launch imminent.
Sometimes being watertight and bulletproof aint enough. )

Small tech company sleepwalks its way into obscurity.
and gets a flaming anchovie to the face. )

Couple watches depressing movie about end of the world.
Pretty destruction and biblical fury emits from the critic. )

I am still working my head around the fact that the troll house no longer has a resident cat. Its amazing how much a concept of home can orbit around where one keeps ones cat.  In many ways, I think of the house in Vanier as being home now, because my cat lives there. In relation, I now think of the troll house as being an empty cold place I have no real motivation to visit or stay overnight in.

I think some of the decision to relocate to Vanier and sell the troll house has to do with losing the remaining roomie who actually liked Bagheera. One justification for having a house, and even for having my travel-intensive job was that I had roomies who could take care of the cat. Now that only Art is left in the troll house full time - a man who seems to at best  tolerate if not dislike the cat - I have little motivation to keep the place. Ironically, his dislike of cats will result in him needing to look for a new home - or buy mine outright.

I never thought of myself as someone so attached to cats that I would visit a roomie-punting upon someone for not liking my cat, but on the face of it, this is what is happening. I find the circumstances exceeding strange.

But at the end of it all, my cat is happy, and I should walk away from home ownership with some cash in my pocket - cash that will let me live my dreams


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