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( Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:17 am)
What are adult concepts?

LiveJournal has flags that indicate "no adult content", "Adult concepts", and "explicit adult content".

To me, adult content is anything that is not child-oriented content. So money, politics, Breakable computer parts, things containing lead, restaraunt reviews, and probably university courses are "Adult concepts" as they would have little interest to a young child.

On the other hand, Barney, plush toys (used in the manner that they were designed for), crayons, Ketchup, hot dogs, tobogganing, things that go boom, firearms, hip-hop , and whatever else is considered cool by kids these days, but not of much interest to myself - that is something I would flag as "No adult content"

Perhaps it is telling that I see the filters as something to defend my crotchety old sensibilities from the annoyances of youth rather than as a sad attempt at defending the curiosity of youth from the internet.

When I was a kid, curiosity carried the cast of contraband. if you were curious about sex, guns, and booze, you had to trade it with your friends, or otherwise smuggle it into your existence. This wasnt hard. Adults are notorious about leaving their porn, booze, and drugs laying about. And if your own parents were more careful, like as not the neighbors werent, or barring that - there was always the hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere to raid.  Today it is much simpler. Kids just have to be careful about clearing their bookmarks. They can learn all kinds of things and become bored or obsessed with them at will. And nobody has to get caught with porn under their bed.

Then again, with the cost of contraband ink cartridges going down, this could still be a possibility.

Of course, the risk that a kid will turn McGuyver based on knowledge gleaned from books or the net and turn the bathroom into a WW-I poison gas trench scene still exists.

Perhaps we should be marking household cleaning products as "Adult concepts" as well in the supermarket.


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