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( Nov. 12th, 2008 08:22 am)
Back in the early millenium, the common analogy was that someone had moved our cheese.

The analogy being that we are all rats in a maze. And that we actually like cheese.

These days, I think the analogy is that the cheese has been removed and replaced with a hungry cat. And the scientists can be overheard musing "Hey! lets set the maze on fire!, then it becomes a deadly race where the rat has to evade the cat, right up to the moment the cat expires, and then has to find the cat and clamber over its body to escape being burned alive!"

I lay awake some nights trying to figure out if I should be looking for cheese, evading the cat, or stalking the cat in hopes it will provide some means of escape from the whole mess.

The cheese in my case is a bigger boat. Which would make mon_chou happy. The cat is the spectre of job loss. The burning maze is the specter of wholesale economic collapse and the Canadian dollar becoming another Peso. The escape being finally leaving on the boat.


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