Spending the night in YOW, then heading to KG for a spell.

Munchkin is in SYD for a conference, but I couldnt justify going - its just too expensive and 4-5K today equals 4 months or more of freedom once we head out on the trip.

The power converters for the boat computer arrived, and I am tempted to go and get it all set up finally.

Tonight dinner and film with ladychadwick, followed by a restful nap aboard impertinent.

todays accomplishments so far include fixing the BYC WLAN by pumping one of the APs up to 90mw of power, instead of the 40mw or less it was set to before. I guess power is significant. I was getting dropouts like crazy after I tried it lower - I was hoping to extend the life of the unit by keeping its power output low - but thats not going to cut it.

I blame the longish antenna cable runs to the directional antennas - they eat too much signal, probably more than the antennas give us in gain to the repeaters. I wonder how long a WRTS54GL can last when pumped at 100mw for extended time?

At least the new repeaters are going great - they live and breathe at a whomping 600mw. 
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( Aug. 7th, 2007 09:38 pm)
Wow, back from a week of vacation.

First few days - I dont actually remember, but there was much preparation, and a HASH run.
Then we went on a cruise up the river. We puttered up river to Pinheys point, anchored overnight, then sailed to Mohr island, anchored and then puttered back to Pinheys for another night. We wound up puttering back to Ottawa Friday morning. Then we drove to Kingston and attended a wedding. Then we packed the car again and headed to KG fest. Which was fun too. Then home.

Now Chou is off to Windsor on another sampling mission for her PhD and I am being ping-ponged between three ongoing work related crises which involve being in Toronto and Ottawa at the same time, and writing a document with data that is based on the scribblings of a coworker in his notebook. 

In other news, I need to install a better vent for my holding tank, finish installing my anchor windlass motor, and get my rigging in order (the spreaders are off-kilter).

But life is good.


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