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( Mar. 4th, 2008 11:13 am)

I am waiting for the next generation of tablet web-pads to emerge. I think the idea is to use one of these as a mobile star-trek-TNG style pad to read on, show charts on, and generally use in the cockpit in and around the boat.
Wish list.
Transflective or electronic paper daylight readable display.
Minimum 800x600
Low power - should run for minimum 4 hours on a charge.
Wifi /Bluetooth/ wireless USB capability
Flash based low power storage
CPU powerful enough to play music locally, or stream basic video compressed with modern CODECs
Rugged and IPX7 water resistant

The OLPC machine looks to be almost what I would want to use. The limitations might be the keyboard, or perhaps the strange screen technology. It might be worth waiting for electronic paper to make its way through. I am also eager to see what Intel does with the Atom cpu platform, and whether this 45nm technology can outdo the Geode, once they come up with sometime comparable.

Because, lets face it - those little pads that Captain Picard had were cool.


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