I was poking around Ebay - and found what may be one of the worst ebay auction pages around.

The ad is for custom made leather top-hats.

The music that comes out of the web-page is enough to drive people away. But in case that dosent clue one into the hillbilly attire mode of thinking, then one should check out the model wearing the hat.

Theres nothing like a scraggly, wheelchair bound, shotgun toting, pool-hall malingering bucktoothed model to really make your hats look fabulous.  He looks a bit like Edward James Olmos, in his Bladerunner days, after a bender, in Kentucky.

Not that I have anything against the wheelchair, but the beer-holder attached to the side just kills me.

So I give you this link. If you want a hat, pray it dosent make you look like the poor slob who modelled it.


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