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( Sep. 13th, 2007 01:33 pm)
In a bit of far-reaching planning, I have begin booking off my summer vacation.

June - Planning on booking off last week of June. As vacation system allows.
July 2008 - entire month will be booked off. As without pay. But it will likely wind up being registered as using up overtime in Lieu, of which I have over 18 days worth.
August - Have requested first week as vacation, Will probably book another 1-2 weeks in Aug as vacation system allows.

Next summer will be the year I get all the bugs worked out of the boat, and get her ready to go, aside from the last minute provisioning etc.
This year has been pathetic in terms of progress, but life has been busy.  At least the brightwork is georgeous - mostly on account of the efforts of [profile] mon_chou


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