I am on volunteer member security watch detail tonight at the boat club. Mosty this means walking around and socializing with people, and reading my textbooks by the front gate to the club. It also means I am a white blood cell - supposed to somehow identify entities without BYC member DNA, or other harmful such folks. I always resent seeing people in uniform doing this kind of thing. Mostly I think of them as white blood cells in an organism that I am not entirely a part of. An organism that might at any time decide to digest me for its own purposes, or reject me in some kind of bizarre autoimmune reaction. Hey, even red blood cells among other things eventually get eaten up this way.

Paranoia about uniformed people is a common theme for me. Not that I do a lot to warrant being eaten by white blood cells of society. Its jus tthe knowledge that they are there. And that sometimes things go horribly wrong for some people who dont have power.

So it is strange to be acting as one for a day. Not that I have any real clue what I should do should I see someone doing something horrible. Probably just do what other immune cells do - tag it and call a bunch of Killer T cells to eat the bugger.

So in that vein - is a military coup a kind of HIV AIDS thing in my analogy system?  When a bunch of rouge ideas take over the white blood cells, creating more rogues and eventually taking over the body? Interesting thought.

At least my wireless works - nice to see something of my own invention working as it should.


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