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( Apr. 29th, 2008 03:40 pm)
I am feelign a burning need to diverge the impertinent sailing blog from LJ, and to upgrade the website at the same time with some kind of CMS. So far I have beta tested joomla (Which I am already working with on a VMware VM for the yacht club) which I have decided is the CMS version of a tourist trap. Unless you are a PHP joomla wizard, all your sites will look like another freakish portal from hell. I hate portals. I hate busy sites. 2 Colums with the odd page that diverges into a bizarre graphical exploratorium is more my style.

I have tried a bit of wordpress, but it too looks very formulaic. Basically a blog with extra chuff blown in to make it have more toys to distract.

Perhaps a pure page with some css is the answer - but I wouldnt mind a system that allows for a blog engine, with some wierd assed static pages hanging off it, and the capability to add esoteric modules- just not in your face all the time.

I hate the nepean sailing club website. So that is a model for what I dont want.

I guess thats the problem with databases pretending to be websites - everything comes out looking like tables and columns somehow.


luckytroll: Wearing my old fave hat (Default)


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