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( May. 4th, 2009 11:29 am)
In the news.
Black panther kitty in recovery after harrowing surgery.
Still not smoking and hanging out at bingo halls. )

Boat still for sale. Paint takes time to cure. Launch imminent.
Sometimes being watertight and bulletproof aint enough. )

Small tech company sleepwalks its way into obscurity.
and gets a flaming anchovie to the face. )

Couple watches depressing movie about end of the world.
Pretty destruction and biblical fury emits from the critic. )

So here it is, the first salvo in my war on winter.

If this gambit pays off, I will be able to spend from December 15ish to March 15ish.
In the Caribbean.
On a yacht.
If it works out especially well, I will be able to keep working from time to time remote over the internet.
In the warm. On a boat. In the Caribbean.

If I could put internet service on Mt. Everest, I can damn well get it in St. Martin. And where there is internet, there is a living can be made.



DEVON AYRES has requested Without Pay
from 1/1/2010 8:00:00 AM
to 2/28/2010 5:00:00 PM

This request has been sent to : Big Boss

Total days away : 59
Total weekdays away : 41

This is tenative. Would likely also book vacation days final 2 weeks of december, and first 2 weeks march using combination vacation days and lieu. Would likely be available during this time to work via Webex and continue business remote. Also able to fly back to do short meetings and projects for webex based projects. Actual details negotiable and tenative at this time. Just giving advanced warning so as not to fall afoul any management or legal boundaries.

The downside is, frozen people are going to hate me.
But they can come visit and sip drinks by the beach.

Wish me luck in the negotiations that will likely come of this first foray.

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( Jun. 25th, 2008 12:14 am)
Good food, but bad for me.
Bad hotel room, smells like smoke - they were out of non cancer rooms. Bad hotel.
Bad customers, all 3 of them. I am working way too late lately.

Fun - hacking a customer server to get root at their request because the customer hasnt got root either (they outsourced it I guess) - fun to use my black arts for a good cause.

Oh, and the toilet in this hotel room is clogged. Wunderbar.
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 08:12 am)
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 01:33 pm)
In a bit of far-reaching planning, I have begin booking off my summer vacation.

June - Planning on booking off last week of June. As vacation system allows.
July 2008 - entire month will be booked off. As without pay. But it will likely wind up being registered as using up overtime in Lieu, of which I have over 18 days worth.
August - Have requested first week as vacation, Will probably book another 1-2 weeks in Aug as vacation system allows.

Next summer will be the year I get all the bugs worked out of the boat, and get her ready to go, aside from the last minute provisioning etc.
This year has been pathetic in terms of progress, but life has been busy.  At least the brightwork is georgeous - mostly on account of the efforts of [profile] mon_chou
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( Aug. 31st, 2007 03:36 pm)
Working from home today - was supposed to go to the office at first, but then we discovered we had a big issue with the data from our customer. Then I was perhaps supposed to go to the customer to start re-acquiring the data with different tools, which I had researched a bit.

But since my sweetie was sick as dog last night, I figgered Id just hold tight and wait and see if whatever got her was going to get me too. N type viruses generally take about 30h to manifest.  So If Im going to go all horrid, Ill know by later tonight at latest likely. If it was the radishes - then Im off the hook because I never ate those.

So other than ferrying ginger ale and bland foods to Chous side, I am mostly playing email tennis with customers and being about as effective as most days. At 5 - Im going to DL the latest installment of my University experience.
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( Aug. 30th, 2007 10:47 am)
So, in a fit of typical my employer seems to have put me in a position where I am working seven days a week until sometime in October. 
This weekend - Off. 
Next week - Working on customer document project with extreme deadlines and no direction.
Next Weekend - Working in Tornoto for customer
Week after that - more document from hell.
Next 3-4 weekends after that - Toronto working over the weekend for customer with custom needs.

What do ya wanna bet that if they have me there for the weekend, they will undoubtably find work for me on the weekdays too.  They have a knack for that.

So in government jobs - is the closing date the last day to apply, or the daty they start actually digesting the resumes, or both?
A mixed day today. Started off sleepy, then a day of dread working for customer - not a dread in the sense of something horrid happening, just a strange sense of professional ouch. I have been working for over a week - and it has finally yielded a spreadsheet that shows performance for a bunch of computers. It seems sad - all that work for a single table of figures. I dont really know how its going to help the general situation of things. Ill just have to see.

Later on, went to the boat and worked on varnishing most everything we could get our brushes on. I also put a coat of glass reinforced polyester resin on the fridge lid. Then we went and watched a presentation on boat chartering in the BVIs - and had a nice dinner at the clubhouse. 

Internet is now blazingly fast at the boat. The only downside is that i spilled some catalyst for the fibreglass resin in the cockpit floor , and it smells terrible. Well, to me it does - [profile] mon_chou cant smell it at all. I guess Im just lucky with my super-smell senses. Lucky for me I have internet though - my first thought was to clean it up with some acetone - but turns out that MEK and acetone combine to form a high explosive - just what I need soaking into the teak, thanks. So Ill let it evaporate.

In other news, looks like In in town all weel, but travelling to Beantown weekend after next. Looks like we will go to the cottage with [profile] milk_an_honey this weekend coming, if all works out.

Oh, and Ive signed up for more university courses - this time a CS course, because its a pre-requisite for some other CS stuff Im actually interested in. A lot of the OS CS stuff, Ill likely be obliged to challenge for - No sense in taking a Unix sysadmin or OS course or data management course, when I designed the backup infrastructure for McGill, or got offered a job managing the CS network at NorthEastern, or led a team of DR experts during 911.  Chou thinks those things alone might be worth a few credits, but I often feel like those prior learning credit schemes are some kind of cheat - analogous with the internet university scams out there - and am leery of getting credits like that, even if awarded by an accredited canadian university.

Im still not sure why Im still puttering along with U courses. I think it has something to do with keeping my brain fit. Or something to do with needing a degree these days to have any kind of working-geographic mobility.
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( Aug. 7th, 2007 09:38 pm)
Wow, back from a week of vacation.

First few days - I dont actually remember, but there was much preparation, and a HASH run.
Then we went on a cruise up the river. We puttered up river to Pinheys point, anchored overnight, then sailed to Mohr island, anchored and then puttered back to Pinheys for another night. We wound up puttering back to Ottawa Friday morning. Then we drove to Kingston and attended a wedding. Then we packed the car again and headed to KG fest. Which was fun too. Then home.

Now Chou is off to Windsor on another sampling mission for her PhD and I am being ping-ponged between three ongoing work related crises which involve being in Toronto and Ottawa at the same time, and writing a document with data that is based on the scribblings of a coworker in his notebook. 

In other news, I need to install a better vent for my holding tank, finish installing my anchor windlass motor, and get my rigging in order (the spreaders are off-kilter).

But life is good.


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