In the news.
Black panther kitty in recovery after harrowing surgery.
Bagheera is recovering after the more or less successful removal of a tumor from beneath his chin. The cat reports to be pleased at being able to lick his own chest again. He is not at all pleased with the repeated attempts to force medication down his throat. So far, only prednisone can be hidden in food as it has no taste. He is expected to recover more or less fully within a couple weeks. As long as he dosent outsmart his own sutures.

Boat still for sale. Paint takes time to cure. Launch imminent.
The sailing vessel Impertinent remains unviewed by potential buyers, and is stil not completely painted for sale anyway, as rain seems to be happening every week. Once the boat is launched, it will revert to its usual troll-hangout status until such a time as someone actually threatens to buy the darned thing. The prospect of selling it is depressing. The prospect of not being able to sell it is also depressing. In all probability I will host a HASH run beer check from the boat late in May. Many will be invited. Quality Cuban rum will abound.

Small tech company sleepwalks its way into obscurity.
A small company is attempting to transition to a form of service company. This may result in a better profitability. It might also result in the company becoming another bit player in a labour resale market that is essentially a race to the bottom unless facilitated by political powers that would make Niccolo Machavellis  scrotum retract into his clever Italian body. Since we do not have such political clout (as the big players have) we be fucked. There is also the fact that local to Ottawa, the whole IT consulting thing in government is under the microscope, which will likely result in a protracted period of contractors getting their wages horribly mangled in the name of saving tax dollars.

Couple watches depressing movie about end of the world.
We went and watched "Knowing" at the cheap theatre last night. It was depressing as hell. Wall to wall horrible death. And in the end they tried to make the cloud have a silver lining by having "angelic' aliens swoop down and save some kids and a pair of bunny rabbits, and transplant them to a fertile new planet as ours was being barbequeued.  What the fuck. Didnt these freaking Aliens not see what happened to Australia?  Is it some kind of sick joke? Introduce the two most destructive introduced species you can find and see what happens?
It was a clever movie, and it made good use of Nick Cages two best acting faces (Exasperated, and depressed). But the whole return to religion as the world flames out in biblical fury just rubbed me the wrong way. In much the same way that the movie "Contact" really pissed me off about theists. Cant we just build space ships and find some redundant world to live on ourselves already? Can we leave gods out of it for once and try and do it for ourselves? Apparnetly not, for it is already written. According to this film.

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