Can anyone who is a coder for pay on my LJ list (or of it) Give me their top 10-15 required skills needed to succeed as a software engineer?

I am working on a school assignment in which I need to define some goals for a "Career" besides my own - and Software engineering is pretty much where I want to be going, and thus what I have to interview to define, for purposes of this paper. 

So if you can, drop me a list of skills (learnable by education, rather than Jedi magic or long-term experience if possible) that makes for a successful coder-for-pay.  General stuff is OK, perhaps better than more specific stuff - you dont need version numbers.
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 08:12 am)
A mixed day today. Started off sleepy, then a day of dread working for customer - not a dread in the sense of something horrid happening, just a strange sense of professional ouch. I have been working for over a week - and it has finally yielded a spreadsheet that shows performance for a bunch of computers. It seems sad - all that work for a single table of figures. I dont really know how its going to help the general situation of things. Ill just have to see.

Later on, went to the boat and worked on varnishing most everything we could get our brushes on. I also put a coat of glass reinforced polyester resin on the fridge lid. Then we went and watched a presentation on boat chartering in the BVIs - and had a nice dinner at the clubhouse. 

Internet is now blazingly fast at the boat. The only downside is that i spilled some catalyst for the fibreglass resin in the cockpit floor , and it smells terrible. Well, to me it does - [profile] mon_chou cant smell it at all. I guess Im just lucky with my super-smell senses. Lucky for me I have internet though - my first thought was to clean it up with some acetone - but turns out that MEK and acetone combine to form a high explosive - just what I need soaking into the teak, thanks. So Ill let it evaporate.

In other news, looks like In in town all weel, but travelling to Beantown weekend after next. Looks like we will go to the cottage with [profile] milk_an_honey this weekend coming, if all works out.

Oh, and Ive signed up for more university courses - this time a CS course, because its a pre-requisite for some other CS stuff Im actually interested in. A lot of the OS CS stuff, Ill likely be obliged to challenge for - No sense in taking a Unix sysadmin or OS course or data management course, when I designed the backup infrastructure for McGill, or got offered a job managing the CS network at NorthEastern, or led a team of DR experts during 911.  Chou thinks those things alone might be worth a few credits, but I often feel like those prior learning credit schemes are some kind of cheat - analogous with the internet university scams out there - and am leery of getting credits like that, even if awarded by an accredited canadian university.

Im still not sure why Im still puttering along with U courses. I think it has something to do with keeping my brain fit. Or something to do with needing a degree these days to have any kind of working-geographic mobility.


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