luckytroll: Wearing my old fave hat (eelattacklife)
( Aug. 31st, 2007 03:36 pm)
Working from home today - was supposed to go to the office at first, but then we discovered we had a big issue with the data from our customer. Then I was perhaps supposed to go to the customer to start re-acquiring the data with different tools, which I had researched a bit.

But since my sweetie was sick as dog last night, I figgered Id just hold tight and wait and see if whatever got her was going to get me too. N type viruses generally take about 30h to manifest.  So If Im going to go all horrid, Ill know by later tonight at latest likely. If it was the radishes - then Im off the hook because I never ate those.

So other than ferrying ginger ale and bland foods to Chous side, I am mostly playing email tennis with customers and being about as effective as most days. At 5 - Im going to DL the latest installment of my University experience.


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