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( Apr. 17th, 2008 11:04 am)
Took the bicycle to work today. Longish haul (about 26Ks) but very pleasant. The worst part was the uphill bits near Carling, once the wind had picked up. Other bits not so nice was a groundhog that lay dying on the side of the road, its hindquarters crushed by a car.

I am in better spirits today as a result of biking than I have been in for some time. 

The bike is making a slight "chuff chuff" noise which I suspect is a rear wheel bearing in decline. I suspect it will be a long wait to get a mechanic to fix that. But it isnt too bad at present.

I think I will do some work, and then if things go well I will head out early to check out the boat, and then to MEC to get a windbreaker suitable for biking and rain.

My plans for this springs boat work include moving the head up a few inches, to keep it above the waterline. Adding a Y valve for when we are doing the offshore thing. Getting the spreaders to stay in the right places on the shrouds. Sandblast and paint some spots on the keel.


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