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( Jan. 25th, 2008 12:35 pm)
Finally finished the corporate T2 taxes for my crazy corporate entity thingy. The corp has now officially moved to Cyr Ave, although it has been using that space as its office and development space all of last year anyway.
In the end, most of the money earned last year went into software to enable development of new product, or to enable revenue by doing video editing and compositing - something I have experience with, but haven't done in a long while, but might be fun again.

On the other hand, business taxes are so damned complex - as well as most of the regulatory complexity, I am tempted to just set up a corporation in Bahamas or something and do business offshore, once I get offshore. Or just do cash.

I explained to Chou some of the ramifications of becoming a non-resident for tax purposes last night. My finances still dont really justify becoming a tax exile, but I suppose that day could come.


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