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( Jun. 25th, 2008 12:14 am)
Good food, but bad for me.
Bad hotel room, smells like smoke - they were out of non cancer rooms. Bad hotel.
Bad customers, all 3 of them. I am working way too late lately.

Fun - hacking a customer server to get root at their request because the customer hasnt got root either (they outsourced it I guess) - fun to use my black arts for a good cause.

Oh, and the toilet in this hotel room is clogged. Wunderbar.
My week plans are coalescing over today. Tomorrow and Wednesday, I am giving advice for the day. I was hoping to actually work on a computer or something, that being such a novel idea in my field - but it seems the computers escaped and left people who need to be talked to instead.  Oh well.

Later in the week, I get to work for a certain large cable company who want me to upgrade some storage. Not aproblem, but they still have not told me where this storage is located. Except that it is in Toronto. Gnarly. Hopefully by the time I book hotel, this will be a wee bit more specific.

Munchkin is off sampling. I wish her the best of luck wandering the wastes of Windsor with nothing more than a bag of moss and a fancy Xray gun to protect her. Fortunately for her she has an intrepid assistant named Igor Tessa who is apparently quite handy with a monkey-hammer.

The great thing about monkey hammers, you can probably turn them into impromptu artillery pieces if the barbarians get too much on your case. In this event, I would opt for a steel monkey hammer rather than the aluminium one the girls have. Judging from the amount of nitrocellulose they generated with that moss and nitric acid, they might just be able to defend themselves should the Detroitians storm the friendship bridge.

Did I mention that I am marrying a gal who is not only a redhead and a scientist, but also hot?  Robert Heinlein wrote books about guys in my shoes. I suspect he wished he was those guys.
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 12:34 pm)
Back from toronto sooner than I thought I would be. My follow-on customer failed to tell me the proper lies, indicating they were ready for me to return to their lair to complete the installation of their shit.

My meetings with another customer were fun. Pleasant people. They also have a habit of asking advice, but then going and learning to do things themselves. I have total respect for this approach. Is it any surprise it is an IT department run by women?  I look forward to the rest of the pale-male IT world catching on to what these folks already know.

In other news, I and the rest of the nation are sick of snow. Moving right along.

[profile] mon_chou and I have drifted back towards a Ottawa wedding. It looks like July the 26th (Sat) - with the ceremony in the vicinity of Maple Island, and the party at the backyard lair of Chou. Food is being contemplated as a pot-luck ish mix. I will likely make butter chicken, and another couple batches of red and white wine, which worked out so fabulously last summer. We may still employ some form of catering to backfill for the folks coming from afar who cant bring hot dishes with them. Its still open that way. Kind of exciting.

Chou is starting the search for a dress. Anybody who cares to go dress shopping with her, and provide feminine advice, drop her a line.

In other news, School proceeds, although I am still procrastinating on completing a planetary tracking lab. Damn you Kepler and your squirrelly ellipses.  And who names his kid Tycho. It must have been a lark when his mom called him in from the back door.

I am contemplating interesting things one could do with a low-powered computer on board the boat. On one hand, it is a gratuitous bit of tech. On the other hand, it makes for some possibilities like simulating the ship computer from Star trek, or ringing alarms when the AIS data and the GPS data indicate certain doom. My frustration at present is with electronic chart data. The united Snakes are giving the data away online. They see it as a public safety issue and want the most current data available to people who might be driving boats hither and thither around the the Snake infested waters. Snowviet Canuckistan however charges for the data. Once you pay for it, it is locked to one computer node with an onerous encryption model. Pain in the ass. This DRM crap alone is making me want to go back to paper charts. I may try installing the charts into a VMware virtual machine, which I can install anywhere. It seems excessive as a precaution to ensure digital chart access. I can just imagine the customer service calls someday.

"Hello, Government charts people?"
My navigation laptop got fried and wet, and all my charts were on it. I want to reinstall them on the backup laptop, quickly, as I am limping back to shore and there are rocks, and the submerged hulks of tax auditors wearing concrete shoes in my path"
"You will have to transfer your license. Can you provide us with a host of complex and inane proof that you bought this data"
"Im freaking bashing my keel against sunken civil savants here!  I need this installed right away!"
"Perhaps you should have bought two licenses, one for each laptop"
"Fuck you, those cost me 500$ as it was. Why would I pay twice?"

Of course at this point the boat speed would have reduced to nil, what with all the tax men clinging lamprey-like to the hull as I try to find safety.

You would think that this kind of thing would be available from our esteemed pirate community. Finally a chance for them to establish cracker cred and traditional pirate cred at the same time. But I have seen little evidence of this.

So for charts, it will likely be back to paper. At least paper charts can get a bit wet, can be sold and loaned, and fit on any laptop, table, or flat surface, regardless of license terms.


So I am waiting on new hardware, waiting on some software, and waiting on a network wire-job that may not happen for legal reasons.

Like as not, this means we will make a stop-gap decision and I get to go home for a while, ie the weekend.

Lets see how the day unfolds.
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 08:12 am)


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