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It has also been proposed by some, that the blue flash is produced when beta radiation from the criticality event enters the eye of the observer and causes the emission of Cherenkov radiation as it traverses the vitreous humor of the eye. Though this effect is possible and was in fact noted by Apollo astronauts during their trip to the moon when they closed their eyes, the effect observed by the Apollo astronauts was due to exposure to very high energy cosmic rays, not beta particles. Also it is thought that the flashes of light seen by the Apollo astronauts were due to a combination of the direct stimulation of the retina by the passing of the charged particle and of the Cherenkov radiation produced by the particle. This is a highly unlikely explanation for the mechanism of the criticality accident blue flash phenomenon for several reasons;

So, if you go to space in a poorly shielded spacecraft - and see flashes of light, not to worry - its only high energy cosmic rays causing secondary Cherenkov blue glow in your eyeballs, or triggering your retina directly. Be especcially sure not to worry that if you are seeing lots of these flashes, in your eyes, that it follows that you are likely to be getting hits of this cosmic radiation all over your body.

Sometimes being sheltered under even a tangibly thin layer of gas 100Km thick is a comfort some days.


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