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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 12:08 pm)
On the wedding front - went to visit the officiant last night. A pretty decent interaction. Looks like aside from settling on vows, that part of the show is settled, or at least not in limbo.  However ,the officiant brought up a rather good point regarding facilities at the wedding site we had chosen - there arent bathrooms withing 300m of the site. More like 450m. Perhaps too long a walk for older folks. This was a concern to me that I had probably put out of my mind a bit too forcefully before.

So as yet another Plan B - I have booked Pinheys point for the outdoor ceremony part. That place has all the requisite fields and open air spaced that Chou should like - and it has adequate parking and toilet facilities. It is within sight of water, which makes me happy , and its inexpensive. And Available, Yay!

I dont think I have blogged all the iterations we have gone through so far in the wedding plans. Most of the problems seem to have come from criticism and "helpful advice" from Chou's family - Good advice, but troubling in that id ultimately caused us to re-think all the plans we had made so far, and change things. Chou hates changing things. I think she wants to lock onto the plan and execute it. So do I, for that matter.

Hopefully we can confirm a ceremony location by end of week. Then we can fire off invites, and be good on the major stuff. Theres no accounting for how much small stuff will become a pain - for me, it is a case of "Mind over matter - If I dont mind, they dont matter", but not everybody takes such stuff in stride the way I sometimes can.

Family - you cant shoot them. But apparently there is a lot of precedent to framing them with treason charges and then having them beheaded.  But first you have to become King.


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