I am looking for a set of research data which I am sure someone in the travel industry must have - it would be key for their management.

I am looking for a matrix of average prices for routers between all points available - over each month. It dosent need to be real time, but It would be nice if it was at least useful.  I know you can do searches of airline ticket costs from point A to point B, on different aggregator websites. Thats fine, but what I would like to do is have a CSV or something that indexes airport codes against average ticket prices so I can create an overlay over something like google earth - then one could punch in their closest airport code, and the world could show on average with color codes and symbols/$ overlays how much it typically costs to get everywhere. It would outline the travel patterns and show dead spots - but more interestingly it would show the best places to travel cheaply to-from in a given geography.

I would love a tool like this, especially if I could cross reference it against population counts and affluence, just for curiosity sake.

Anybody know where this might exist, or if the data is around for free such that I might try my hand at it myself?

The reason I am curious is that If I buy a boat in the south, knowing where to land and store it and be able to return to it cheaply is key. There are some obvious places where tourist traffic is high and presents economy of scale, but I am wondering if there are other ways the data could be mined.

I had a lot fo frustration with my winter vacation - I wanted to go anywhere cheap. But the airline systems want specific information - they need a start and end point. What if I have a start point that is fixed, but want the endpoint to be selected based on cost? How does one do that?  How can one make the airline booking system find you the cheapest escape when of the (From, To, When) variables are all open except the From one?


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