Mon_chou and I have been looking at a steel boat for sale in Toronto. I did a lot of looking,and had half talked myself into making an offer on it.

One thing was really bugging me though, and that was the hull shape. It had a single chine deep V hull. Lots of fuel storage, but I didnt know how much ballast it had. Too little ballast and the thing would be a liability on the high seas - flip it over with a wave and it might just stay that way. When upside down, ballast gives a boat negative stability - it wants always to turn right side up because of all the weight up in the air.

Well, my suspicions are confirmed - the boat has no ballast, just fuel and water tanks and a couple of bilge fins to prevent too much leeway. And my latest discovery from people who have built the boat, is that is was designed to be a power boat, not a sailboat.

That stops me dead in my tracks on that level - good sailboats are designed to be sailboats first, and stinkpotters second. You cant just take a motorboat and stick a mast on it and call it a sailboat any more than you can stick fins on a cow and call it a shark. But apparently at one point someone tried.

I guess the search goes on...
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