I am conflicted about the whole latest turn in politics.

On one hand, I would like to see the NDP get some cabinet-time to help battle their stigma of being a bunch of lefties not able to grasp the concept of centrism. On the other hand, the liberals are a mess. Dion is already a lame-duck leader, the next batch of liberal leaders are now running around and trying to look like they had nothing to do with it all. 

Harper has a point - people and polls dont like Dion very much. The green tax fell flat, and with it so did he. Perhaps it is worth it if this merely puts parliament in stasis while the conservatives eat Harper alive. I would like to believe that Harper is the most rabid theocrat in the bunch, and by getting rid of him the party might moderate into a more open minded conservative party. But it just aint so. It is Harper who is keeping the crazy Xian part of the party muzzled in the interest of gaining power. Most of the red tories crossed the floor ages ago. So even without harper, the party is scary.

And then theres the bloq.  Making any kind of deal with those devils, instead of trying them for treason is just stupid. When a kid tries to burn your house down with a can of gasoline every few months, you put him in prison. You hang him and make an example. You dont invite him to supper because mom wont make your favourite casserole. It sends a mixed message. This is going to bite Canada and the price will be more horrible than the economic one we are looking at in the next couple years.

Sadly, I think we have to go this another way. Stop squabbling and stop petting the rabid dog. Its high time we took the dog out of the house and shot it too. Quebec will miss old yeller, but thems the breaks when you get conquered and dont get around to winning back your status before the age of useful violence has expired. Then again, perhaps the age of boorishly quashing minority subcultures in a federation is well and over too. 

But it still dosent justify giving an inch to the Bloq. And this coallition is a freaking plank they will beat us with for years to come.

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On the other hand, the Bloc doesn't spend much time talking about separatism these days, because they were starting to find that when they did, they lost votes. They actually have a pretty decent platform, aside from the whole "break up the country" thing.

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And that makes me very happy.

I dont personally dislike GD or many of the folks in the party - I think their policies and socially progressive ideas are awesome. Take the separatist out of the bloq and they are a pretty awesome party. But the separatism is still there, for now.

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1) Harper tried to make the same "deal with the devil" four years ago.
2) Funny thing, the COnservatives are so patriotic and worried about the threat of separation... but Conservative Minister CHristian Paradis is quoted yesterday in spinning for the French media, attacked the Bloc Quebecois for giving a blank cheque to the Liberals and “betraying independence.”
3) Harper may be keeping the xtian wing down - for now - but he is also personally responsible for the hyper levels of partisanship that are making this Parliament disfunctional. Harper's first priority is, and always will be, not the governance of Canada but the destruction of the Liberal and NDP parties. Replacing him with someone less partisan like Jim Prentice would at least ramp down the viciousness and stop stupid actions like trying to cut government funding for political parties, which is what started all this mess in the first place

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Its not that he is keeping the wing down, or the partisanship that scares me, so much that the wing is there at all.

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Not to mention that according to the coalition deal, the Bloc will not have anything to do with the executive (or governing cabinet) at all, but rather will support any coalition bills by voting for them in Commons. The Liberals and NDP will form the main part of the government, should the coalition be necessary.

Funny, Harper didn't have any problems with the Bloc when they were supporting *his* bills. The man and his party are hypocrites.

Constitutionally speaking, the Conservatives don't have a leg to stand on. The idea of a coalition isn't unsound or unconstitutional and it has been done before fairly successfully (at least for the short term) AND it serves as a warning for any one party (with a minority government) that attempts to govern as a dictatorship. This is what the opposition is *supposed* to do in the case of a minority when the government isn't governing, but rather attempting to destroy opposition parties.

Harper tried his bully boy tactics one time too many and got his nose bloodied for it. Whatever the outcome, it sends a message to Harper and the Conservatives: "We're not putting up with it this time around."


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