This has been a fairly active week for me. Good thing, as the nearly-depression of the last couple weeks has seen my weight slip back up to around 215. Still a long way to go.  On the plus side,
Monday - HASHing , including an 8KM run.
Tuesday - Biked over 50KMs to work and back in the rain.
Wednesday - Scraped, sanded, vacummed, airblasted, wipe/washed and painted the whole top of the boat .
Today -
Well today I am working online with a customer in Southern Ontario. My awesome cat, Bagheera has been having an ordeal in the operating room. He had a large mast cell tumor removed from his chin area. Mast cells are a real bitch. They are angry cells that are full of histamines. The risk to leaving them is that he could someday itch himself and release enough of them to go into shock. The surgery removed the tumor,  but thre remaining cells are battling it out and causing his throat to swell. He is still intubated, and they are talking about doing a temporary trachiotomy to give him an airway while the antihistamine drugs reduce the swelling in his throat.

I hope it dosent come to that. Last thing I need to see is my cat with one of those oxygen carts trailing behind him. Next thing you know he will take up smoking and bingo. He is a Vanier cat now, after all.

I figure poor Bags is down to his last few lives. He has probably spent the last few gambling on the mean streets of Vanier. He definitely spent a couple in is youth altercating with allergies and cars. 

Heres hoping he recovers and bounces back enough to go to sea for some final years with his peeps.

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good luck with you kitty. I hope all comes well.

good news on the mood lifting and exercise fronts, glad to hear you're rousing from your winter duldrums.

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I wimped out of biking on Tuesday because of that rain.

(Yesterday I wimped out because it was too cold when I got up. Today I had no excuse, so I biked into the office, but tomorrow is going to be rainy, so I will wimp out again. Being able to work from home makes it far to easy to wimp out of biking.)

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Hugs and gentle skritches to your kitty. I hope the remainder of his recovery goes smoothly.

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Hugs! And speedy recovery! I will be thinking of you both.

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I hope your kitty recovers well and quickly.


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